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    Top 5 Things to do in Geneva in June 2019

    Visiting Geneva in June? It is a great time of year to be here. The weather is just right. Nights out linger a little longer, and Summer starts to show itself properly.

    Whether you are staying with us for business, or just here to see what our incredible city has to offer, you’ll want to know what unmissable events are taking place in June 2019. We have handpicked what we think are some of the top events taking place in the city this month, so see if any take your fancy and you will soon be making the most of your time in Geneva. 

    Things to do Geneva in June 2019 include:

    1. Fête de la Musique
    2. Bol d’Or Mirabaud
    3. The Sleeping Beauty
    4. Geneva 1850
    5. Old Town Tour 

    Fête de la Musique

    One of the more unique and fun things you will ever see in the city, the Fête de la Musique turns the city centre into one big concert. Thousands of locals and tourists flock to the streets and parks to enjoy free concerts covering all music genres. It’s a fantastic family-friendly event, and if you’ve never been to Geneva before, it is a truly unique way of walking around and taking in everything the city has to offer.

    Bol d’Or Mirabaud 

    Busy Lake Geneva is a fun place to be, and from the 14th-16th of June any visitor gets to catch a glimpse of one of our truly unique events.

    The Bol d’Or Mirabaud is a gigantic inland sailing regatta that sees hundreds of stunning sailing boats take on a special course around the lake. Even if you don’t have your sea legs, picking a spot along the lake and watching the event unfold is one of the more unique ways to spend an afternoon in Geneva.

    The Sleeping Beauty

    What would a trip to Geneva be without a visit to the historic Grand Théâtre de Genève? For anyone lucky enough to be staying here at the end of the month, Yacobson Ballet is taking to the stage from 27th – 30th June for their performance of Sleeping Beauty.

    If you’ve always wanted the chance to see a genuine ballet performance in one of the world’s most renowned theatres, this is as good as it can get.

    Geneva 1850

    Imagine being able to walk about and get a feel for what life in the city was like all the back in the 1800s?

    With the incredible VR experience of Geneva 1850, you’ll be able to walk around the streets of times gone by. Meet people as they go about daily life and see what it looked like here over 150 years ago, all while wearing a special virtual reality headset.

    Old Town Tour 

    If it’s your first time staying here in Geneva, a walking tour of the city is fantastic, especially with the great weather we usually have around June.

    Guided tours are available from many providers, and we think the tour around Old Town is one of the best, especially when you walk down the narrow side streets and visit St. Peter’s Cathedral.

    We recommend talking to reception when you arrive, and we will be happy to help you find the best time to take a tour while you stay with us.

    Other notable events throughout June 2019 in Geneva

    Slayer - Arena de Geneve 

    The rock gods come to the city as a part of their farewell tour, and it is expected to be a raucous affair for lovers of metal music.

    Make Yourself at Home – Natural History Museum 

    There are parasites and all sorts at the bottom of Lake Geneva, but you never need to worry about them. This interactive science exhibit at the Natural History Museum gives families a chance to see what’s in the water and why it is so important to keep the lake clean.

    Roll The Mechanics - Museum of History of Science

    Machines have been a part of our lives for much longer than you’d think. This exhibit at the Museum of History of Science shows how humans have been making machines for thousands of years and how we’d used them to make life easier.

    Whatever you get up to in Geneva this June a stay at Fraser Suites Geneva will put you in the heart of the action and give you the opportunity to take in everything our beautiful city has to offer.