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    Join Geneva Arena in celebrating the latest tantalising show from Cirque du Soleil

    The world famous dance and theatre group, Cirque du Soleil perform at Geneva Arena this October to a vibrant Swiss crowd. Cirque du Soleil (interpreted as ‘Circus of the Sun’) is a Canadian entertainment company and is the largest theatrical production in the world with over 5,000 employees across multiple destinations. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and located in the inner-city area of Saint-Michel, it was founded in Baie-Saint-Paul in 1984 by two former street performers.

    The ‘Ovo’ tour brings with it to Geneva, lights, trickery, magic and lots of colour and gymnastic drama. The performance guarantees a spectacular show by the award-winning group. Since its foundation in Quebec in the 1980s, the troupe has grown to a privately owned organisation, dazzling 100 million in 300 cities across the world. The talented performers combine skills of movement, dance, creativity and magic to create a truly unique experience.

    In this new production, ‘Ovo’ features amazing ants, flexible fleas and silky spiders in a life cycle of nature portraying a new ecosystem.  Insects play, work, fight and look for love in a riotous energy of motion. See the colour; wonder and magic transform their lives as their home is filled with biodiversity, action and beauty. Cirque du Soleil has once again created an awe-inspiring show that will captivate the imagination and command your attention in this vibrant and flamboyant work of art.

    You could be one of the lucky audience members, so why not make it a memorable experience by staying in a hotel near Cirque du Soleil in the centre of the stunning Swiss city of Geneva. Serviced luxury apartments are presented for short and long term stay by Fraser Suites Geneva are just a short distance to famous sights such as St. Peter’s Cathedral, Palais des Nations and the shores of Lake Geneva, our luxury residences are well situated in the Rue Du Marché shopping and business area – perfect for any visitor to the city.

    Uncover the history of the famous dance troupe

    Starting off in Quebec, Canada, Cirque du Soleil rapidly grew over the twenty years from the 1990s and 2000s reaching every continent except Antarctica. With thousands of employees from over 40 countries, the troupe is estimated to achieve annual revenues in excess of $810 million. Visitors to the American city of Las Vegas can also find them live regularly through the week due to their permanent residence in the city.

    Recognised across the world, Cirque du Soleil aims to stir the imagination of each audience member, through creativity to provoke emotions and senses.

    In this re-adaptation of a previous show, the producers have successfully blended an arena space to portray an intimate setting with theatrical flair, stunning acrobatic acts, breath-taking choreography, dance and some Brazilian samba music all wrapped up with some comedy. ‘Ovo’ is a beautiful show of movement, colour with a soft, easy to follow storyline of insects working together to live in harmony, although a bigger message for today’s society could be taken from it.   

     Make Fraser Suites Geneva your city hotel near Cirque du Soleil at Geneva Arena

    Offering 67 contemporary designed suites, our serviced apartments cater to both business and leisure travellers. No matter if you are travelling to Geneva to see Cirque du Soleil as part of a vacation or have tickets to the show for some leisure time after work, Fraser Suites is perfectly located near to the venue at less than a half hour journey by car to Geneva Arena. Our award-winning staff are also available to give you directions to the venue or can arrange transport to take you there.

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