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    Some of the Best Events and Things to do in Geneva this Winter

    Planning a visit to Geneva this winter and looking for a fun activity or want to try out something unique to Geneva? Then look no further.

    At Fraser Suites Geneva, we have detailed the top events that will be happening this winter in the city and why you should give them a go; whether you’ve been to our beautiful city before or it is your first time here.

    Whether you are looking for a Christmas market, a film festival, something sporty or creative, there is something to do for everyone. Scroll through our list of events and get the latest details on top events taking place across the city (and a little further afield); from swimming in an ice old lake to dressing up for a fun run.

    Geneva in winter

    Top events in Geneva throughout Winter:

    • Geneva Film Festival – 1st to 10th November
    • Geneva Lux – Late November to January
    • Monster Energy Supercross – 6th and 7th December
    • Escalade Run – First weekend of December
    • Geneva Christmas Market(s) – Throughout December
    • Concourse Hippique International (CHI) de Genève – 12th to 15th December
    • Winter Cup – 2nd Sunday of December
    • Antigel Festival – January to February

    More information on some of the events in Glasgow in December:

    Geneva Film Festival

    • Date: 1st to 10th November
    • Venue: Across the city

    In the colder months, there’s no better excuse to head indoors than the annual film festival here in the city. The 2019 edition promises to be something special with acclaimed director Park Chan-Wook the guest of honour.

    On top of showcasing his best works, the dynamic festival programme features a mixture of homegrown talent, arthouse cinema, astounding documentaries and classic films in some unique venues.

    Full programme information is available from the Geneva International Film Festival website.

    Geneva Lux

    La Peche Miraculeuse, Geneva Lux

    • Date: Late November to January
    • Venue: Across the city

    Before one Christmas decoration is even hung up, late November sees parts of the city become one of the best light installations in the world. Geneva Lux is a light exhibition that takes over streets, walls, buildings and public spaces with unique artworks that use light at night.

    Usually, the evenings mean a chilly walk around town, but Geneva Lux is one of the most exciting ways to get to know the city better, with leading artists creating visually stunning installations.

    The full route and this year’s additions will be added to the official Geneva Lux website here.

    Monster Energy Supercross

    • Date: 6th and 7th December
    • Venue: Across the city

    Everything starts to rev up for supercross fans at Palexpo every year as one of the city’s sporting traditions takes place. The Supercross is an indoor motorbike experience that sees some of the best racers in the world tackles challenging courses and pull off spectacular stunts.

    The 2019 Supercross will the be 34th consecutive year the event has taken place.

    Get full ticket information from the Supercross Genève website here.

    Escalade Run

    • Date: First weekend in December
    • Venue: Across the city

    Every year on the first Saturday in December, thousands of runners descend upon the city centre in one of the liveliest races you’ll ever see.

    Unlike marathons and races in other cities, the Escalade Run is all about having fun while on the run. There are races for kids, adults and those who prefer a nice walk around town. Races actually start on the Thursday with it all building up to the main race on Saturday.

    One, in particular, to pay attention to is The Marmite Race. Taking place on the Saturday evening, it’s a fancy dress race that is less than 4km and is mostly done for a laugh.

    Information on how to take part in the Escalade Run and associated races can be found on the official Escalade website here.

    Geneva Christmas Market(s)

    • Date: Throughout December
    • Venue: Across the city

    What would December in Geneva be without Christmas stalls popping up and the smell of cinnamon in the air? The city has some lovely markets dotted around the centre and a little further afield.

    2018 saw the launch of Christmas Village in Parc des Bastions; the biggest market the city ever had with dozens of stalls, mulled wine galore in a lounge bar and an ice rink right in the middle of the park.

    There are other markets worth visiting if you have the time including Carouge, Chillon Castle, Chateau de Coppet and Montreux.

    Concours Hippique International (CHI) de Genève

    Concours Hippique International

    • Date: 12th to 15th December
    • Venue: Palexpo

    A great treat to see in the calendar just before Christmas, CHI Geneva is one of the most highly renowned show jumping competitions in the world.

    Known as one of the four Majors in the horse riding world, the competition has had the best riders in the globe navigate the indoor course, dating back to 1929.

    Over 400 horses take part with a prize money pot of 2.2 million Swiss francs on the line.

    Winter Cup

    • Date: Second Sunday of December
    • Venue: Lake Geneva

    Have it on your bucket list to take a dip in Lake Geneva? What about doing it when the lake is as cold as possible, and everyone is wearing Santa hats?

    The annual Winter Cup (going since 1934) sees those brave enough jump in and go for a swim in the lake. All swimmers have to do is race 120m beside the promenade at the English Garden. It looks easy, but temperatures never get above 10 degrees, making it a slapdash race to get in and out as quickly as possible.


    • Date: January-February 2020
    • Venue: Across the city

    After all the fun of Christmas, January feels like the longest month with nothing much going on. That isn’t the case here in Geneva.

    Every year sees the end of the month, and most of February, host Antigel. This unique arts festival brings musicians, dancers and other notable performers to the city for a varied programme of shows in venues of all sizes.

    Full festival information is available on the Antigel Festival website here.

    Antigel Festival

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